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What We Do

AHSAG is a professional membership society for Health Services Administrators whose prime objective is to bring together Health Services Administrators in Ghana as a unified body and to promote excellence in the profession of health administration.

Health Services Administrators in Ghana are professionally trained Administrators whose job is to have oversight responsibilty for the day-to-day administration of healthcare delivery and contribute to effective effective financial management in the running of health institutions. They make sure healthcare standards are met also hospitals and health centres run efficiently.

Health Services Administrators in Ghana can be found in the public health institutions, private hospitals, non-governmental organizations and quasi-government institutions like the police and military hospitals.In the public health sector, they work at all levels of the service delivery- National (Headquarters), Teaching Hospitals, Regional and District Health Directorates as well as District Hospitals and Polyclinics. They play a number of different roles within their respective institutions and these roles often vary by work setting and location.

Principal Activities  

  • For the purpose of achieving its objectives, the Association undertakes the following activities:
  • Organizes annual conferences in the form of workshops/seminars through which members update their knowledge on emerging issues in the health sector.
  • Organizes training programmes in partnership with the Health Administration and Support Services Division of Ghana Health Service for continuing professional development of Health Services Administrators.
  • Represents the interests of all of its members in negotiations for salaries and better conditions of service.
  • Develops policy positions and make necessary representations for policy and planning decisions of Ghana Health Service/Ministry of Health.
  • Develops, in partnership with Health Administration and Support Service (HASS) Division of Ghana Health Service, manuals on administrative practices and procedures for the effective orientation of Health Managers.
  • Develops and maintains effective communication links, contact and good working relationships with other Health Professional Associations within the country.
  • Fosters professional networks with our affiliated members.

Offers advice and assistance to its members on personal and professional development. This has resulted in increasing the educational status of most members through the pursuance of post graduate studies
the membership. The support of organizations is sometimes solicited howbeit infrequently.


The Association is affiliated to:

  • International Hospital Federation (IHF, UK).
  • Ghana Institute of Management (Ghana).


AHSAG is self-financing and the size of its annual budget is related to revenue accruing from individual subscriptions, fees and levies which are determined by the membership. The support of organizations is sometimes solicited howbeit infrequently.

Challenges for the Future

AHSAG will focus on maintaining and developing its interest in the activities mentioned as well as on the following:

  • Completion and commissioning of the AHSAG Conference and Training Centre to serve as a centre of excellence in the training and capacity development in health services management.
  • Upgrading of the Association to a Professional Institute to assist in maintaining professional standards in health services administration and management.
  •   Facilitating the development of a sub-regional body of Health Services Administrators.