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Currently the membership of the Association can be grouped into three – Active/Full, Student and Honorary/Live.

(a) Active/Full Members: are members with the requisite qualification who discharge their financial responsibilities. Members in this category enjoy all rights and privileges of the Association including eligibility to vote and to hold office.

(b) Student Members: are student in Hospital/Health Service Administration/Management in the country. Members in this category enjoy all other benefits of the Association but are observers during meetings and elections.

(c) Honorary / Live Membership: are active members who have gone on retirement. Honorary membership may be granted at the discretion of Council to a member who has either attained a prominent position in the field of health service management or has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the knowledge, principles and practice of health service management or has rendered special services to the Association.
The combined membership forms the General Assembly of the Association, which normally meets every year during the Association’s Annual Conference/General Meeting. Current membership numbers one hundred and seventy (170).

Member Benefits
Professional development through continuing education and training programmes,
Promotion of welfare of members
Building public awareness about the profession
Advocacy on behalf of members
Liases with the Health Authorities and Government concerning the working conditions of members
Independently assess complaints against its members
Liases with sister Professional Association on matters of mutual concern
Networks for sharing information and ideas on ways of improving performance and achieving professional excellence.
Representation on key health policies and issues.

Admission to Membership
AHSAG welcomes all who are interested in promoting its aim and objectives. The first step towards joining is to write for or personally collect a Membership Application Form from the President or General Secretary of the Association. The completed application form will have to be endorsed by an active member of the Association and after screening by the Executives; successful applicants are offered admission into the Association. Upon acceptance and payment of the admission fee, the applicant is admitted into membership of the Association.

The requirements for continued membership are as follows:

Regular payments of monthly subscriptions, fees and levies as may be determined by the Association from time to time. General conduct conducive to the interest and image of the Association.

Code of Ethics
The code of ethics of the Association prescribes general moral principles and rules of behaviour for all its members and underlines principles that members of the Association should aspire to achieve and inspire others in their working life.

The Code of Ethics reads:
Members of the Association shall be honest, faithful and just, and shall not act  in any manner derogatory to the honour, integrity or dignity of the Association.

Members of the Association shall use their knowledge and skill in Health Services Administration and render professional service and advice, which reflect their best judgement.

Members of the Association shall not injure maliciously directly or indirectly, the reputation or employment of another Health Services Administrator.

Members of the Association shall faithfully observe and fulfil all their obligations to the Association.

Members of the Association shall not abuse their position or power, nor accept illegal gratification of any sort.

Members of the Association shall express their opinion on Health Services Administration or other matters in a frank, open and straightforward manner.

Members shall not criticise their colleague’s work without his/her knowledge nor malign or injure his/her professional reputation.

The professional advice of the members shall be based on full knowledge of the facts and honest conviction and members shall not write articles or advertise in self-laudatory language or in any manner derogatory to the dignity of the profession.

Members shall help colleagues in upholding and doing what is right, and shall not associate with those who indulge in unethical practices.

Members shall decide matters of common professional interest by mutual consultation and shall strive individually and collectively to enhance the prestige of their profession and conduct themselves in accordance with this Code of Ethics and shall not be divisive.