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Ruling Body

The Constitution of AHSAG establishes a National Council (NC) and a National Executive Committee (NEC) as well as other Sub-Committees of NEC.

The National Council is the governing body of the Association and consists of the following:

a. A Chairperson who shall be a past NEC member of the Association elected at an Annual General Meeting for a term of two (2) years and eligible for re-election.

b. The National President of AHSAG

c. The National General Secretary of AHSAG who shall be the Secretary to the National Council.

d. All Chairpersons of the Regional Caucuses of the Association.

e. The Director, Health Administration and Support Services (HASS) Division of the Ghana Health Service.

National Executive Committee (NEC)

The National Executive Committee (NEC) is made up of Ten (10) members, headed by the national President. Members of the Executive Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting and are required to hold office for two years after which they are eligible for re-election.

National Executive Committee (NEC)

    President                                                        Financial Secretary
    Vice-President                                                 Public Relations Officer
    General Secretary                                           Welfare Officer
    Deputy General Secretary                               Two Executive Members

AHSAG’s Constitution further establishes Standing Committees that assist the National Executives in the realization of the aims and objectives of the Association.

Standing / Operational Committees

  Finance Committee                                          Welfare Committee
  Marketing and Publicity Committee                  AHSAG Conference / Training Centre
                                                                          Project Committee
  Ethics and Disciplinary Committee                   Education and Programmes Committee

Sector Branches

The Association has two sectors: Northern Sector and Southern sector. These comprise the following:

Northern Sector                                                   Southern Sector

  Upper East Region                                              Eastern Region
  Upper West Region                                             Greater Accra Region
  Northern Region                                                  Volta Region
  Brong Ahafo Region                                            Western Region
  Ashanti Region                                                    Central Region